The CHRISTBEARERS are a five member band, comprising of namely Alexander Fernandes (Singer/Composer/Keyboards), Arthur Fernandes (Drums/Percussion), Gladwin Ram (Bass), Christopher Fonceca (Lead guitar) and Mark Raj (Singer/Composer/Rhythm guitar). We are committed to using our talents for the glory of God and will take every opportunity to do so. Our goal is to bear Christ and spread the love of God through the nations and put every effort to draw His flock closer to Him. This inspiration is drawn from our name - CHRISTBEARERS. You are called to be a Christ Bearer,… so come, be one by inviting us to your city, town or country and help us serve you and your community by leading you in praise and worship with an enriching spiritual experience through gospel music.

A brief history of the CHRISTBEARERS:
The CHRISTBEARERS founded by two brothers, namely Alexander and Arthur Fernandes served the Church in small ways by leading the Christian community in praise and worship at various retreats, youth conventions, concerts and church services for over 15 years alongside their academics. The brothers, as school kids and college students evangelized using their God given talent of music and singing with Alexander on the keyboard/vocals and Arthur on drums/vocals along with other skilled musicians accompanying them.

The Lord introduced the brothers as school going kids to gospel music via their uncle, Rev. Fr. Joe Santiago who had founded the Nazarene Ministry. Fr. Joe Santiago, a powerful charismatic preacher whose ministry is healing and has travelled all over India and the world preaching the word of God gave an opportunity to Alexander and Arthur to lead people in praise and worship by joining his music ministry. So they accompanied him in his ministry and started singing and playing music at the weekly healing services conducted by Fr. Joe. During this course they discovered the Lord’s calling to use their talents and abilities for His glory. Their love for gospel music was born and there was no looking back!

The name CHRISTBEARERS was eventually given by their father Rozario Fernandes who came across this name while reading the bible one day and through inspiration of the Holy Spirit was convinced that this is the name that was meant to inspire their calling.

The meaning of CHRISTBEARERS is self explanatory and clearly carries a lot of weight. Sinful as we are, we admit that we don’t find it easy to live by it, however we try and do our best to strive and live up to this name with Jesus Christ as our Lord and Master because there is tremendous inspiration one can draw from the greatest man that has ever walked this earth.

In March 2010 Alexander received inspiration through prayer and talking with God to start a full fledged gospel band with committed members. And so the search for such the talent and commitment began by spreading the word around. There was talent but what were more importantly required were the commitment, zeal and immense love for God which was a challenge to identify this combination. However by the grace of God the band was formed by April 2010.

The CHRISTBEARERS now consists of a group of enthusiastic, committed and extremely talented youth joined together as one to serve the Lord using their God given talent in music. The CHRISTBEARERS meet every week on Sunday’s at 5 p.m. starting with prayer and then rehearsing songs that glorify the Lord.

The Artists